Ike Perry & The Lyrics

God Must Have Sent You To Me/I’m Just A Man


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Isaac ike Perry first started out as the Five Lyrics a dowoop vocal group in the mid 50’s, recording their first record on the Bercley CA label Music City.  They then went on to record on Isaac’s own label MAMA out of Cleveland Ohio where the band all resided from.  Ike Perry and The Lyrics playing the circuit well into their 70’s recording on various other labels from New York City and Dallas Texas while on the road, finally doing their last recording in the mid sixties.
Isaac carried on writing and recording where he produced a 4 track acetate at Cleveland Recording Company which North Broad Street acquired.  All four tracks are all very strong in their own rights but we felt God Must Have Sent You To me and I Am Just A Man are two sublime tracks that need a proper release and after  extensive professional remastering we feel we have brought  these sessions to life.
You are hooked from the start with that haunting  drum beat and piano and a hook line to die for and then Ike’s voice , just a perfect modern crossover delight,this record is so perfect for todays dance floor and we feel a  massive dj tool in the making. 
We just have to give you a double delight on this track  Ike Perry and The Lyrics give you everything they have.  It is a piece of mid tempo sweet soul combo to give you a sublime slab of soul music   It is so hypnotic it draws you in and showcases the very best of the Cleveland Ohio band’s dowoop days dancing back and forward, with Isaacs voice is like a gift from heaven.